Sunday, March 29, 2009

Number 4 deadliest spider in the world..

Goliath Birdeater Tarantula

Yup you got it right. BIRDEATER. This deadliest spider in the world actually eat bird! Commonly found in the rainforest in South American, this spider comes with a venom that is actually quite harmless to the human being. The goliath birdeater has poor eyesight and mainly relies on vibrations in the ground that they can sense from their burrows.

Top ten deadliest spider in the world

Number 3 Deadliest spider in the world

Wolf Spider!

Wolf spider is those kind of loner deadliest spider. They hunt alone, wander around alone, eat alone and sleep alone. They can be found almost anywhere around the world. The good thing is, their venom is not that harmful. No doubt it will sting and swell. But hey, you get to live another day. They are very good hunters, fast and quick. And they can blend well into the surrounding due to their colors.

Top ten deadliest spider in the world

Number 2 Deadliest spider in the world

Red Back Spider!

Compare to Tarantula, Red Back Spider is alot more deadly among the deadliest spider in the world. Commonly found in the land down under, it belongs to the widow family of spiders. That's why it kind of look like Miss Black Widow. Both of them comes with a deadly dose of neurotoxic venom that is very harmful to human. The good news is, the antivenom for Red Back Spider is can be bought over the counter.

Deadliest Spider

First up we have.. (ranking not in order)

The most common deadliest spider that always appear in the movies and tv shows. Oh, not forgetting fear factor. This deadliest spider always have a part to play in that show. Commonly found in tropical and desert regions around the world. Surprisely this hairy eight legged spider is not that deadly afterall. Some human beings even keep it as pets! Well.. some species of it. Not all.